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Notes on using large frame packer

The so-called large frame packer is also called custom type Baler , mainly refers to the packer with a larger framework customized according to the user's needs. Generally, it is larger than the standard framework of the packer. Therefore, it is called the big framework. In the process of using, the packer with large framework will be different from that of the standard packer, and there will also be some problems that are not easy to occur in the use of standard equipment, such as the following aspects:
1. The packing belt is not in place. Although this problem may also occur on the standard machine, it is not a big problem for the standard machine. Generally, it only needs simple adjustment, but it is very important for the large frame packer, because it may be because there is no auxiliary belt feeding motor after the frame is enlarged, resulting in the failure of belt feeding.
2. Packing small items is inefficient. In theory, the large frame packer can pack both large and small items, as long as the size of the product is smaller than the frame of the packer, but this is not the case in actual operation. Using a large frame to beat small items will inevitably result in a long tightening time, which will lead to low efficiency.

Update Date: 2020-23

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