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What are the requirements of the box opener to adapt to

No matter what Unpacking machine The sealing machine has certain restrictions on the applicable cartons. For the sealing machine, the three technical indicators commonly used are the length, width and height. However, for the unpacking machine, it is not only the three technical indicators that are so simple. The following AI Xun will introduce to you which sizes of cartons are limited by the unpacking machine:
1. The length and width of cartons. Before unpacking, cartons are generally flat and placed in the bin. At this time, the length and width of cartons are very important. Generally speaking, the length and width of cartons should not be greater than the width of the bin of the box opener. If the width is greater than this width, the box opener cannot open the box normally.
2. Die cut size of carton. Die cutting is a very professional term for carton production. In fact, it is the gap between the front cover and the side cover of the carton. For manual cases, it doesn't matter whether there is such a gap, but for machine cases, this part is essential, and the size should not be too small. If it is too small, it can not be opened normally.
The above are just two common dimensions introduced by AI Xun, which have great influence on the unpacking machine. In fact, there are many matters needing attention for the unpacking machine.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: October 21, 2020

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