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How to deal with transformer fault of unpacking machine

The service life of electrical equipment is very long, and it is not easy for you to use the two parts of electrical equipment, and it is not easy for you to make a repair of the transformer Unpacking machine Causes and methods of transformer damage. There are two main reasons for transformer burnout
1. The power supply is missing. Lack of power supply is a term often used in circuit system. In this case, the transformer will be burnt out. In this case, the burned transformer has a feature that the coils are separated and blackened, and not all coils are blackened. If this is the case, it is mostly due to the lack of items.
2. Burn out caused by short circuit of the machine itself. If the transformer itself turns black, it will be a problem if the transformer itself turns black, or if there is no problem with the transformer itself.
Is the method described above very simple? Ordinary people are also very easy to judge.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: October 16, 2020

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