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How to deal with the loose products after baling

As anyone familiar with the packer knows, Baler When binding articles, it is directly bonded when the binding force is maximum, so as to ensure the binding firmness of articles. But recently, some users have reported that the baler is very tight when it is strapped and tightened, but it will be obviously loose after bonding. Why is this?
If your strapping machine also has such problems, it is recommended that you use cartons for bundling. If the same is true for cartons after strapping, it means that the adjustment of binding force is small, or the stripping time is not enough. Adjust it on the control panel of the machine. If the baler can bind the cartons well, it is not the problem of the baler, but the elasticity of the goods you are strapping. The main reason is that this kind of product has no resilience. When the baler needs to be glued, the spring back is too big, resulting in loose packing belt.
In such a case, the user customer places some paper shell items at the binding position for buffering, or thins the cover plate of the packer, so that the iron head is closer to the product, and the effect will be better.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: October 12, 2020

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