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How to calculate curing time of glue spraying box opener

Spray glue Unpacking machine It is a special equipment in the open box machine. Generally, the machine is used together with the hot melt glue machine. The function of the hot melt glue machine is to seal the box. The back end of this machine can be equipped with tape to seal the box, which can play a double safety role. It can also be ensured that the strength can be guaranteed. When it comes to the hot melt glue machine, it has to mention the problem of glue curing time, after all, this time Will greatly affect the efficiency of unpacking, the following AI Xun and you will introduce in detail what is the curing time of the glue spraying box opener.
For this concept, customers will think that it will be calculated from the moment the glue is sprayed onto the carton until the glue is completely bonded and no longer pops off. But in fact, there is a difference between the curing time promised by the glue manufacturer and this one. The curing time promised by the manufacturer refers to the curing time from the pressing of two paperboards to the penetration, flattening and heat dissipation of liquid hot melt adhesive, and the initial bonding force reaches the initial bonding, and the shortest time is the curing time.
??? It can be seen that there are essential differences between the two concepts, at least in terms of time. But what Aixun wants to tell you is that, even if there are differences in concept, in fact, the curing time of hot melt adhesive is very short. Generally, the curing time of hot melt adhesive for sealing box, EVA type and high-end polyolefin type curing time only takes a few seconds to complete The difference in calculation time can be ignored.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: October 9, 2020

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