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What are the applications of the box opener

??? Unpacking machine Application in assembly line production. Nowadays, it is very important for large enterprises to produce without assembly line equipment. The quality of assembly line directly affects the production and operation of enterprises and the production efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, we need to carry out long-term maintenance and maintenance for various accessories of the convection line, so how to maintain and maintain the assembly line? Qingdao AI Xun is a brief introduction.

An assembly line is a machine that transports goods continuously on a specific line, also known as a conveyor or conveyor line. According to the series of conveying products, they can be belt conveyor, roller conveyor, plate chain conveyor, double speed chain conveyor, etc. Their accessories usually include traction members, bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, direction changing devices and supporting parts. Parts and other conveyors have large conveying capacity, long distance of conveying line, and can complete production operation in the conveying process, so the application range of assembly line is very wide.

1. Repair and maintenance of head motor:
When repairing the motor, please remember that the motor must not be immersed in water and diesel or organic compounds should not be added to the motor as this will damage the motor insulation and cause failure.

2. Repair and maintenance of chain:
After long-term operation of the chain, the original lubricating oil may be heated and volatilized, which will lead to unbalanced chain and increase noise during operation. Therefore, for chain maintenance, should add some butter or thicker lubricating oil in the chain.

3. Repair and maintenance of assembly line reducer:

Next time, clean the oil in the gearbox after about three months of use. Clean the transmission with diesel or gasoline. After cleaning, add new lubricant in the middle of the observation window. In daily use, you should also check the use of lubricating oil, if the amount of oil is too small, please add it in time. Thereafter, the lubricant should be changed annually. However, when changing the lubricating oil, attention should be paid not to add too much or too little, otherwise the gearbox will be in condition.

In order to prolong the life of the assembly line, the assembly line needs long-term maintenance and repair. Our Qingdao Aixun packaging equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of assembly line equipment. Our assembly line equipment will be fully designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. We are interested in our products, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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