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Several ways to solve the problem of non sticking belt in packer

??? Baler Non adhesion is a common problem among many problems of baler. Although this problem is very common, it is really very simple. There are only three situations. As long as you check and check one by one, whether you have maintenance experience or not, you can easily solve it. Next, AI Xun will introduce to you what these three situations are?
1. The perm is not hot. This is very easy to judge. You just need to put the packing belt on the iron head. If the packing belt is melted, it means that the iron head is hot. If there is no reaction at all, it is not hot. If the perm is not hot, then judge whether the iron itself is broken or the heating circuit board is broken.
2. The iron head is not extended to the position. This is also easy to judge. Open the upper cover of the machine first, and hit the blank without putting any articles. Observe the action of the iron head to see if it has reached between the two packing belts? The packer has been used for a long time. Due to the manual placing of heavy objects, the position of the iron head is lowered, and it can not be accurately extended between the two layers of packing belt, resulting in the failure of adhesion.
3. The middle top knife is not jacked in place. The purpose of the middle top knife upward is to make the two layers of packing belts fully bonded. If it is not pushed in place, the packer will not adhere. This phenomenon is caused by the fracture of the compression spring in the middle top knife. The reason for the spring fracture is that the customer uses thick packing belt or recycled material packing belt, and the medium knife is in high pressure state for a long time, and it will break over time.
The above is Aixun's several solutions to the problem of non sticking of packing machine summarized by previous experience. If you have similar problems, you can continue to pay attention to the official website of Aixun. We will continue to introduce the common problems and solutions of various packaging equipment for you. Your attention is welcome!

Classification: industry knowledge update date: September 28, 2020

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