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The difference between shrinker and steam shrinker

When it comes to the label shrinking machine, we are familiar with the label shrinking machine on the surface of our common drinks and mineral water bottles, but we are not familiar with the steam shrinking machine. In fact, it is also used to shrink the label Shrinking machine The user must have asked, since they are all contraction tags, what is the difference between them?
In fact, there is no difference in their functions. The biggest difference is that the steam shrinking machine uses hot steam to shrink articles, which can play a certain role in sterilization. The ordinary label shrinking machine does not have this function. If there are other differences, then the power and volume of steam shrinker are larger than ordinary label shrinking machine. In this respect, ordinary label shrinking machine has certain advantages.
Of course, no matter which way, it has its own application field. Users can decide which product to buy according to their own actual situation, and don't follow blindly.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 28, 2020

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