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What are the advantages of glue spraying box opener

Glue spraying box opener is the top product of the box opener Unpacking machine In the price of a relatively high, generally this kind of spray box machine is composed of two equipment, a box machine, a spray glue machine. Aixun's spray box machines are equipped with the US nuoxin brand glue machines, with good glue spraying effect, stable quality, and after-sales service all over the world. So what are the advantages of the spray box machine?
1. Good fixation. Traditional unpacking machines use adhesive tape to bond cartons, while spray gluing machines use glue. Is the fixity of glue much better than that of adhesive tape, and it is not easy to have poor adhesion.
2. Environmental protection. When it comes to environmental protection, we must not be unfamiliar. In China, we do not attach so much importance to environmental protection, but in developed countries, this problem is very serious. The adhesive tape is not only environmentally friendly, but also harmful to human health. The production process of glue is very environmental protection, there is no harm to the human body.
3. Strong bearing capacity. As far as the bearing capacity of adhesive tape and glue is concerned, the bearing capacity of glue is greater. Therefore, this kind of box opener is mostly used in distillery, chemical industry, silicone rubber and other industries.
To sum up, although the cost and price of the glue spraying box opener is high, the practical value brought by it is considerable, so users can consider more in the future purchase.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 24, 2020

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