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How to choose the driving mode of the sealing machine

Users who are familiar with the sealing machine all know that the sealing machine is generally driven by belt, and the goods are clamped to transport and seal the box. However, many customers will question whether the clamping degree of the belt can ensure the transportation of all the weight of the goods? Generally, we think that belt conveyor can only transport small and light products. For heavy goods, is this driving mode OK? AI Xun will share with you today Sealing machine The choice of driving power.
In fact, the driving power of the sealing machine at any time is the belt, but it is not only two belts, there are many choices generally. For example, the heavy-duty sealing machine is driven by two belts on the top of the left and right belt racks. There are two kinds of belt drive, such as double belt drive and so on.
Of course, if the customer must be worried that the belt drive power is insufficient, they can still choose the roller conveyor. This situation is generally applicable to the transportation of larger and heavier items, which need to be customized, and generally there is no stock.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 23, 2020

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