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What information do you need to know to buy inkjet printer

??? Inkjet printer The reason why the printers are often put together is that their functions are basically similar, mainly due to the differences in the details. Generally, the manufacturers of inkjet printers also have the printing equipment, while the manufacturers of the printers basically do not produce the printing equipment alone. So the two are often used together. So what information do users need to know when purchasing inkjet equipment?
1. The content of spray printing. In fact, for today's inkjet printer, there is no limit to the content of inkjet printing. Generally speaking, as long as the text or graphics that can be edited in the computer, the inkjet printer can basically spray print. But for the special needs of some special users, we still need to master it in time. For example, pharmaceutical enterprises, although they only print numbers, this number is the moment Change, this requires us to inkjet printer for a certain program calculation, so understanding the user's inkjet printing content is very necessary.
2. Size of ink jet printing characters. The so-called size should theoretically include both length and height. However, for the current inkjet printer, how long can be inkjet printed, but there are certain restrictions on the height of the characters. Different models or different number of nozzles should be selected for different heights, which are all problems to be considered.
3. Printing speed. The speed mentioned here includes two meanings: one is how many products need to be inkjet printed per minute, and the other is the conveying speed of the production line. Only when these two conditions are met can the inkjet printer be said to be available, otherwise it is impossible.
4. Cooperation with other equipment. Inkjet printer is usually not used alone, and is often used with other equipment. The most common combination is labeling and inkjet. Users can choose to paste labels first and then spray code, or spray print the content on the label and then paste it on the carton, or spray print the content directly on the carton without labeling under special circumstances.
The above is Aixun according to the past experience for you to purchase inkjet printer need to know the information, if you have other questions about inkjet printer, welcome to call Qingdao Aixun marketing center, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 22, 2020

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