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Calculation of chamber size of vacuum packaging machine

??? Vacuum packaging machine It is a very common packaging equipment used in the market. It is mostly used for food preservation packaging, which can isolate oxygen and prevent corrosion. However, many users find that each supplier will mention the size of the vacuum chamber when writing product data. However, the sizes mentioned by each manufacturer are different. Some are very high and some are very low. Why? AI Xun shares the following on this issue:
The size of vacuum chamber should be considered from two aspects, one is external dimension, the other is internal dimension. If you consider from the perspective of packaging materials, it is natural to pay attention to the internal size, because the internal size of the vacuum machine determines how large items you can pack. So, isn't the size meaningless? Of course not. The external size determines the overall size of the equipment, which can let users refer to whether their own site can meet the requirements. Therefore, the internal and external dimensions are very important and need to be considered. Just make sure when purchasing the equipment.
Another special case of internal dimension is concave. Generally, suppliers will mark the dimensions of the vacuum chamber, such as the chamber size of 97mm and the concave depth of 60mm. The size of the vacuum chamber here will add up the two values. Users should pay attention to this.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 19, 2020

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