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The solution of strapping coil in baler

??? From the function point of view, the packer is actually a kind of commonly used equipment, not a special equipment of a certain industry. However, in practical application, it is mostly used in food, medicine, electronics, chemical industry and other common fields. Recently, some users want to bundle the reel. This product is neither regular items nor packed into cartons, but needs to be bound in woven bags Play a fixed role to prevent dislocation during transportation. AI Xun carried out in-depth research on this and customized two models for customers. Aixun will share the following for you.
1. Automatic packing machine. When many users are unable to purchase the automatic packer due to site or capacity constraints, the automatic packer is a good choice. Although manual intervention is required, the packing efficiency is still very fast. This kind of strapping machine has the most applicable features.
?? 2、 Automatic baler This type of machine should be used together with the conveyor line. Attention should be paid to the coordination of the two. The distance of each travel is the best controllable, so that the packing position will be more accurate. The following picture is the past case of AI Xun. If you have any other questions about this device, please call Qingdao Aixun packaging.


Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 18, 2020

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