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The solution of bundling tile of baler

With the continuous growth of packaging costs, major manufacturers are constantly looking for more economical packaging solutions, tile products are no exception. Traditional tile packaging is to use cartons or cartons to wrap several tiles together for transportation. However, with the increasing cost of cartons, users urgently need to find an economic solution to replace cartons, and PP banding is one of them.
But familiar Baler All users will know that PP belt is used to bind this kind of inelastic items, which may not be tight. This is true in theory, but in the actual work process, there are still some ways to solve this problem.
1. Tiles for corner guards. This corner guard does not need to be very large, just need to pad a small paper shell in the packing position. The cost is far lower than that of cartons and cartons. This is an ideal solution.
2. Change the packaging direction. Under normal circumstances, items are packed in the width direction, but because the width direction of tile products is relatively flat, it is not easy to bundle, which will lead to the situation that the bundling mentioned above is not tight. If the user can change the direction and bundle the items in the length direction, the binding effect will be very good.

3. Use pet tape for binding. Because the binding force and resilience of pet belt are greater, it will be better to use pet belt in any direction. The most typical case is the binding of roadside stones.
The above is the tile banding solution summarized by AI Xun for you. If you have the demand in this respect, you can send samples or come to the factory for test. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Aixun: eqhammer.com


Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 16, 2020

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