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Particularity of e-commerce (Taobao carton) box opener

With the continuous development of e-commerce, the demand for e-commerce packaging is increasing, and e-commerce unpacking machine is one of them. Users familiar with the unpacking machine all know that the traditional Unpacking machine For the size of the carton = the requirement must be within a certain range, and there are certain requirements for the scope of the carton, but the carton size of the e-commerce is generally not within the scope of the standard box opener. So what are the special features of the e-commerce box opener?
1. The cartons are relatively small, which is the most prominent feature of e-commerce cartons. Because the size is too small, it is not within the scope of the standard machine, so it is necessary to customize the special e-commerce box opener.
2. Soft. When we receive express delivery, we will find that in order to save cost, the quality of express boxes is relatively general, especially Taobao cartons, which are relatively soft, which is also a challenge for the unpacking machine.
3. The range of compatibility is small. If you have been in contact with e-commerce unpacking machines, you will find that the size of cartons compatible with e-commerce box openers is particularly small. Sometimes you may think that the difference between the two cartons is only a few centimeters. Why can't you use the same box opener? Generally speaking, the box opener is made to be compatible with most of the carton sizes. Therefore, some carton sizes do not seem to be much different from these specifications, and can not be applied to the same model.
4. Change the size frequently. Traditionally, the users who use the unpacking machine usually unpack the products of the same specification frequently. However, for the e-commerce, it needs to change the carton specifications frequently, which can't achieve the same size of the same batch of cartons, which is also a major feature of the e-commerce unpacking machine.
To sum up, the e-commerce (Taobao carton) box opener is different from the ordinary box opener in the process of production and use. It is still necessary to treat them differently and carefully calculate them to avoid unnecessary problems in the subsequent use process.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 15, 2020

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