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Selected type of vacuum pumping unit

Take out Vacuum packaging machine It is a common equipment in the vacuum machine. The machine is mainly used in electronic components and tons of packages and other product fields. For the first time users of external vacuum packaging machine, they don't know how to choose the model. Next, according to the different characteristics of each model, Aixun will share with you the selection of the model of external vacuum packaging machine.
First determine the size of the bag. To determine the size of the bag is the first priority in selecting the model. The model of the vacuum machine is basically determined by the size of the sealing line. The size of the sealing line determines how large a bag you can pack. Therefore, determining the size of the bag is the first step in selecting the vacuum packaging machine.
Next, determine the weight. To determine the weight is to confirm the choice of horizontal vacuum machine or vertical vacuum machine, generally lighter items can choose the horizontal type, but the heavy object must choose the vertical type.
Other requirements. Other requirements refer to some specific requirements of users. For example, many customers require all stainless steel materials, and some customers require that the equipment does not contain copper and zinc. Some special requirements can be put forward at the time of purchase, generally do not affect the selection.
The above is Aixun's selection of the vacuum packaging machine model summarized for you according to the past experience. If you have other questions about vacuum packaging machine, please call Qingdao Aixun marketing center.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 10, 2020

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