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How to determine the number of packing strips of unmanned baler

Also known as humanized packer Automatic baler , is a very widely used binding equipment, its bundling is automatically detected by the machine, automatic bundling. But the user needs to pack several courses or to determine in advance. Many users don't understand this issue very well, and always think that it is not automatically detected by the machine? Can't you play as many as you want? It's the automatic detection of the machine. It's true, but it's not like you can hit several tracks. Next, AI Xun will share with you how to determine the number of packing strips in the unmanned baler.
First of all, it needs to be clear that the packaging of the packer is realized by electronic eye detection, and the packer is set to play two parallel tracks at the factory, and the machine is equipped with three sensors. In fact, if the electronic packaging machine detects a lot of random holes, the second one is not a simple one.
Secondly, we will introduce the working principle of electronic eye. Take the marking machine as an example. The functions of the three electronic eyes are as follows. When the first electronic eye detects an object, it is not packed. Instead, it tells the machine to be pneumatic. Only when the second electronic eye also detects the goods and needs to meet the requirements at the same time, and the third electronic eye does not detect the goods, the baler can make the first pass. When the third electronic eye detects the goods and the first electronic eye has left the goods, the packer will only make the second pass when these two conditions are met.
Finally, the buttons have limits. If according to the above theory, in fact, it is possible to play as many tracks as possible, as long as unlimited electronic eyes can be installed. But in fact, the selection of different numbers is realized through the knob switch on the control panel. Generally, the knob switch can not select many gears. Therefore, at present, the baler on the market can pack up to 7 lanes, and these 7 lanes can only be packed in three ways. If customers want to choose from each type, they can install touch screen to solve this problem.
To sum up, the number of packing strips of the unmanned packer is not unlimited. Users still need to determine the number of packing strips before purchasing the equipment, so as to complete the installation at one time when making the equipment.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 8, 2020

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