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How to define the energy efficiency of baler

Energy efficiency index (EEI) is a classification method to indicate the energy efficiency of electrical products. According to the relevant national standards, China's energy efficiency label divides energy efficiency into five grades. When it comes to energy efficiency, the first thing we think about is refrigerators and air conditioners. Because these two products consume the most electricity, they are particularly concerned about their energy efficiency. So, is there any energy efficiency problem in industrial products? In fact, it also exists Baler Let's share with you the definition of energy efficiency.
The energy efficiency of the packer is mainly reflected in its motor, so the energy efficiency definition of the packer is the reference motor energy efficiency standard, which is not a standard with the refrigerator air conditioner. Generally, the semi-automatic baler only has one motor, the power is about 0.6kw, the automatic baler generally has three motors, the power is about 0.75KW, while the fully automatic baler has four motors, the total power is about 1kW.
In 2012, the state issued gb-18613-2012 motor energy efficiency rating and energy efficiency grade judgment standards, as shown in the following figure:

It can be seen that our baler products can be roughly determined as secondary energy efficiency according to energy consumption. Although the motor power of the unpacking machine and sealing machine products is slightly small, from the perspective of the working form and production mode of the motor, they also belong to the secondary energy efficiency range.


Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 5, 2020

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