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Calculation of working efficiency of horizontal baler

Horizontal baler is a kind of baler specially used to pack pallets and pallets. This kind of baler is generally used to bundle heavier and larger goods, so it is mostly used in pallet packaging line. No matter where the equipment is used, the problem of work efficiency is the first concern of users. However, with the same packaging method and different implementation methods, the efficiency is not the same Horizontal baler For example, let's share with you the calculation of work efficiency.
First of all, we need to be clear that the packer actually has its own working rhythm. Generally, the time for each stroke of the standard machine is about 15 seconds. Based on this, we can calculate other cases. Generally, two or four machines can not be used independently to complete the packing of goods. However, one or two machines can not be used independently.
At this time, many users don't quite understand. Isn't it the same time to bundle four lanes with one machine and bundle with two machines? On the contrary, two machines are used for bundling, which gives a lot of time for the machine to run. In fact, there is a certain truth in saying this, and it depends on the situation.
1. When the production line is full. The so-called full production is that the machine does not stop, there are always materials waiting for packaging. In this case, the packer will never stop. When the second machine is playing the third and fourth tracks, the first machine has already started to play the first and second lanes of the second goods. In this case, the efficiency will be doubled by using two machines.
2. In the case of tail production and testing. There is no doubt that in the test case, the customer may only take 1-2 pallets to test the machine. In this case, the calculation of efficiency can not be very good, or the calculation is not accurate. The so-called tail production is that there are 2-3 pallets left on the customer's production line, which still cannot meet the condition that the machine is not idle. In this case, the calculation of work efficiency is also inaccurate. These two situations are actually the differences between using one machine and two machines that many users do not understand.
Through the above introduction, do you have a general understanding of the calculation of the working efficiency of the horizontal baler? If you have specific practical cases or specific problems, you are welcome to call Qingdao Aixun marketing center.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 4, 2020

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