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Market application of explosion proof baler

? Explosion proof baler Is a very special equipment in the baler, it is mainly designed for special industries, with dust-proof, explosion-proof function. Many users will understand the word "explosion-proof". The meaning of explosion-proof is not that the machine itself will not explode, but that the packer will not produce flammable and explosive media in the process of use, so it is called explosion-proof. So what fields are explosion-proof balers mainly used in?
According to Aixun's previous work experience, most of them are used in such industries as civil explosives, chemical industry, fireworks and firecrackers, firearms and ammunition, mine leads, etc. Most of the products produced in these industries are flammable and explosive. Therefore, explosion-proof function is required for all kinds of production equipment, including balers. Generally, explosion-proof balers have the following characteristics:
1. Motor Explosion proof. As we all know, the motor is easy to produce electric spark in the process of use, so the motor explosion-proof is the most basic work of explosion-proof baler.
2. The electric box is explosion-proof. The explosion-proof of electric box is an important step in explosion-proof baler. The power switch, transformer, contactor and other electrical components are involved in the electric box, which is also very easy to produce flammable and explosive media in the working process, so the explosion-proof of electric box is very important.
3. The iron head is not explosion-proof. This is a need to remind the majority of users to pay attention to the explosion-proof baler is not that the whole machine is explosion-proof, in which the hot head of the packer is not explosion-proof. At present, this problem is still unsolvable in the industry. However, according to the feedback of the current market, there is no problem in the actual use of the iron head, because the iron head itself is inside the machine, and the iron head is heated between two layers of packing belt, and is not exposed to the outside, and does not directly contact with objects.
At present, there are two kinds of explosion-proof Baling Machines provided by Aixun, one is motor explosion-proof type, the other is explosion-proof motor and electric box, all explosion-proof parts have national approved qualification documents and inspection certificates, for more information, please visit the official website of Aixun:

Classification: industry knowledge update date: June 3, 2020

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