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Precautions for heat shrinkable packaging of incubator

With the improvement of people's demand for packaging, more and more products need to use shrink packaging. Recently, some users need to carry out heat shrinkable machine packaging for incubators. Aixun has done various types of tests for customers, and the results are good. Next, Aixun will share with you the precautions for heat shrinkable packaging of incubators according to the effect of heat shrinkage.
1. It is better to choose the fully enclosed package. We all know that the insulation box itself is not very high temperature resistant, and the temperature of the shrinking machine is basically above 120 degrees. According to the shrinkage effect, the effect of the whole package is much better than that of the cuff bag. The surface of the whole package incubator is attached with packaging film, so only the film is baked when heated, which will not damage the incubator. If the cuff packaging method is used, the positions on both sides of the incubator will be baked, resulting in different degrees of scorching.
2. The temperature can be higher and the speed can be faster. Thermal contraction machine In fact, the principle is a matching problem of temperature and speed. As for how to allocate, you can choose. For this product of incubator, Aixun suggests that the temperature can be higher, but the conveying speed can be adjusted faster. This can not only improve the work efficiency, but also won't hurt the incubator itself.
3. The effect of POF film is better than that of PE film. This is easy to understand, because the incubator itself is not very resistant to high temperature, so we should try to choose a film that can be applied to low temperature. POF is a very good choice, while PE film generally needs a high temperature of about 170 ° which is too high for the incubator.
The above is Aixun packaging in the shrink incubator some of the experience, if you have similar products need to use heat shrinkable machine for packaging, you can mail samples for testing.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: May 29, 2020

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