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When to choose the topping device for winding machine

The top winding machine is Winding machine It can be said that any winding machine can be made into a topping type, but it must be done at the factory. It is not allowed to install a pressing device on the existing equipment. Then the user will ask, when should we choose the topping machine? Today, Aixun will share with you the following:
In general, we think that when the goods are light, we should choose to use the top pressing machine. But how light is the weight? In general, if we have less than 500kg in heat, it will be considered as light goods. So is it necessary to press the top winding machine as long as it is less than 500kg? The answer is not necessarily, it depends on the height of the items and the way they are placed. If the user's package itself is a whole, such as a whole wooden box, in this case, no matter how high it is, you don't need to choose the top pressing machine. For example, although customers have many items left together, each product is very heavy. In this case, it is not necessary to choose the topping type. In fact, there is only one situation that needs to be selected for topping, that is, the goods fall relatively high, reaching more than 2 meters, and each single item is relatively light, which may be only a few kilograms. In this case, in the process of rotation, the articles are easy to scatter, so it is necessary to select the topping device. There is also another special case, that is, although the individual items are very heavy, they are not safe enough, such as when the gas cans fall together and need to be wrapped. In general, AI Xun will suggest that the baler should be used to bind the products first, and then wrap them. However, many customers do not want to use the baler for bundling in order to save costs. In this case, they need to choose the top pressing winding machine.
The above is Aixun's summary of the winding machine for you, under what circumstances should the top pressing device be selected. If you have any other requirements on the winding machine, you are welcome to call Qingdao Aixun packaging.

Classification: industry knowledge update date: May 28, 2020

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