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Qingdao Aixun packaging equipment Co., Ltd. passed Intertek certification

Recently, Qingdao Aixun packaging equipment Co., Ltd. successfully passed the entity enterprise certification of Intertek company. The certification includes 12 aspects, including quality control ability, product quality traceability, R & D and design. The significance of this certification: standardize the enterprise design, R & D process, strengthen supplier management, and improve the total product quality control management system. So that customers can buy at ease.
About Intertek:
Headquartered in London, the UK, Intertek is the world's leading total quality assurance service provider. It has long been committed to innovative and customized assurance, testing, inspection and certification solutions. Intertek has become a trusted partner of global customers by providing the highest standards of fair and accurate high-quality services and innovative solutions in the industry. In 1989, Intertek officially established a joint venture in Shenzhen, China, becoming the first international commercial inspection agency to enter China.

Classification: Company News Update Date: April 27, 2020

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