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How the unpacking machine adjusts the speed

The unpacking machine is divided into different models according to its unpacking efficiency. The number in the general model is its efficiency, but this efficiency is generally the limit speed. In actual work, the efficiency will be slightly lower than this. Type box opener , its efficiency is generally 10 boxes / minute, horizontal box opener is divided into 20 40 60 and other differences. Although we say that this is a relatively stable speed for unpacking machines, but can't this speed be adjusted anymore? The answer is of course no, so how to adjust the speed of the unpacking machine?
1. Adjust the operating speed of the cylinder. The suction box and capping of the box opener are controlled by the air cylinder. There is a solenoid valve on the cylinder. The speed of the box opener can be increased by adjusting the operating speed of the cylinder.
2. Adjust the delay time. The so-called delay time refers to the waiting time for each action of the box opener. This time is mainly to ensure that the box opener runs more stable. Therefore, Axon does not recommend users to adjust, but it must be adjusted. Each step is necessary. Both can be adjusted for 1-2 seconds, thereby increasing the speed of the unpacker.
At present, there are only two places where you can adjust the speed on the unpacking machine. However, to ensure the speed, you should pay attention to the usual maintenance and maintenance to reduce the failure rate of the equipment. This is the most effective way to improve the efficiency.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2020-1-10

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