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What is the reason why the semi-automatic packer keeps feeding

Semi-automatic packer is a relatively low degree of automation. Generally, manual intervention is required during the work process. After each pack is completed, the packer will automatically send a piece of packer out. The adjustment was made, but recently there was a response from users, and the packer kept feeding. What is the reason?
If the user has such a situation, don't worry, it may be caused by three reasons: 1. The upper grading spring is too tight. The upper grading spring is used to control the upper grading belt. If it is adjusted too tight, the upper grading is always in the state of feeding and cannot be opened, so the situation of continuous feeding will occur. 2. Roller wear. The probability of this situation is relatively small, but it also exists. If this happens, the user only needs to replace the roller. 3. The solenoid is malfunctioning. The electromagnet is used to control the pull-in and pop-up of the upper and lower grading. If the electromagnet is damaged, the upper and lower grading cannot be opened, and the belt will always be fed.
In summary, there are usually more cases of the first and third cases. Users can check the equipment by themselves. If it is these two cases, the problem can be solved very quickly to avoid the failure of the baler. And affect production progress.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2020-1-9

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