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Determination of the side sticker length of the box sealer

The side sealer of the carton sealer means that after the tape is pasted on the front side, the fold on the other vertical plane is called a corner by many customers. The length of the tape at this position is generally fixed after leaving the factory and does not need to be changed frequently. , But there are some users who have special needs and need to change the length of the side stickers. Or shorter?
In fact, it is not good to change the length. Under normal circumstances, the side sticker length of the carton sealer can be adjusted between 5-6 cm. Some users are special. It may have barcodes or labels on the side of the carton. You do n’t want the tape to affect the identification. The adjustment of the side tape of the tape is shorter. This can be achieved by customizing the box sealing machine. However, users need to be reminded that if the side tape is broken, the fastness will be poor. Therefore, the adhesive tape you choose must be stronger. Ensure the firmness of the tape sealing box. There are also some users who think that the side of the tape is longer and will stick more firmly, so they need to make the side of the tape longer. Theoretically, the side of the tape is indeed more secure, but there is a reality The problem is that the user did not take into account the resistance to sealing.
After the side stickers are made long, the corresponding casters must be high. After these accessories are made high, the resistance of the carton when it passes through the carton sealer will be greater. This is a major factor for the weight of the carton and the strength of the carton. A very big test. If these two are not very good, then side-to-side lengthening is not a wise choice.

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