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Vacuum packaging machine heating bar is always broken

The heating strip is also called a heating strip. It is a fitting used for heating and sealing on the vacuum machine. It belongs to the vulnerable parts on the vacuum machine and needs to be replaced after a long time of use, but the user is more concerned about what causes it to break? Therefore, it can be effectively avoided. Based on past experience, Aixun summarizes the following reasons that may cause the heating belt of the vacuum packaging machine to break.
1. The heating time is too short. The short heating time is one of the reasons for the breakage of the heating belt of the vacuum machine. Since the vacuum machines on the market are instantaneous short-circuit heating, too short heating time will cause the heating belt to oxidize too quickly, resulting in fracture.
2. Fixed too tight. The heating belt is fixed on the phenolic board by copper screws. In addition to fixing the heating belt, the copper screws also play a role of tightening, but the degree of tightening is controlled manually. If the tension is too tight, it will cause heating. The tape becomes thin, causing it to break.
3. Short circuit. Short circuit refers to the place where the equipment has leakage or the line is not connected, so that the heating belt will be blown out during the operation of the vacuum machine.
The above is the reason why the heating belt of the vacuum packaging machine is broken according to previous experience of Aixun. If you have other questions about the vacuum machine, please call Qingdao Aixun marketing or after-sales service center, they will provide you with satisfactory reply.

Category: Industry knowledge Update date: 2020-1-7

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