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Unpacking Machine Sucker Tips

The suction cup of the box opener is a vulnerable part of the box opener. It mainly relies on the role of a vacuum generator to adsorb the suction cup on the carton, so as to fix and suck the carton. Therefore, the vacuum suction cup has been used for a long time. Damage will occur, and the damage to the suction cup cannot be repaired, so it needs to be replaced in time. During the use of vacuum suction cups, users found that the size of the suction cups on the market varies, and the 6-cm diameter suction cups are used on the Aixun standard box openers. Many users question whether they are too small? Is the box opener dropping out of the box during work due to the small suction cup?
This problem actually starts from the working principle of the box opener. The principle of the box opener is to link the vacuum suction cup through the vacuum generator. The vacuum suction cup acts on the surface of the carton to suck the carton. In fact, the real force is the vacuum generator. In general, a vacuum generator with two suction cups is used. If the box is dropped, it can only be reduced, or the size of the vacuum generator is small. In fact, it has nothing to do with the suction cups. If the carton is very large, it can be solved by installing a vacuum generator and a vacuum suction cup instead of changing a large vacuum suction cup.
Through the introduction above, you should have a preliminary understanding of the suction box principle of the unpacking machine. The vacuum suction cup is actually just a tool. It does not play a substantial role in unpacking, so the suction cup is not as large as possible.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2020-1-6

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