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Electrical energy consumption of sealing

As an automatic packaging equipment, the sealing machine products are currently widely used in the market. Users who are familiar with the sealing machine know that the sealing machine is a very simple product and the failure rate is very low. As far as equipment is concerned, in addition to the failure rate, customers also care about energy consumption. So does the box sealer consume power?
Whether to consume power should be viewed from two aspects. The first is the configuration of the motor. Generally, the ordinary box sealing machine has a power of 200w. The conventional configuration of a box sealing machine is 2 motors. 4 units. It can be seen that even the corner edge box sealing machine with the most motors has a power of only 800 watts. From this perspective, the energy consumption of the box sealing machine is not very large. The second is to look at the operation of the equipment. Many devices have a power saving mode during operation, that is, when the device has not detected an item for a long time, it can automatically stop running, which can play a role in saving power to a certain extent. This function is currently not available on standard machines. If users have requirements, they can ask for installation. Mainly, the sealing machine products are generally used in conjunction with automated production lines, and the output is generally large. If the equipment is frequently controlled to start and stop, it will affect the service life of the equipment.
In summary, the power consumption of the box sealing machine is actually not large, you can use it with confidence, and most of the box sealing machines are 220v civil power, which is very convenient to use.

Category: Industry knowledge Update date: 2020-1-3

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