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Unpacking machine communication knowledge points

As people's requirements for automated production increase, more and more enterprises require equipment to be automated, and equipment to be automated must first realize automatic control. The box opener is one of them. Many people think that the so-called control It is enough to realize PLC control. In fact, otherwise, to realize automatic control, the use of PLC is a necessary condition, but it is by no means the only condition. In fact, there are many other issues that need attention, such as the following:
1. The way of communication interface. The commonly used methods are Ethernet and 485. If the customer simply asks whether there is an interface on the unpacker, most of the equipment is actually available. The user should communicate with the supplier in detail to determine the interface. Role, so as to facilitate manufacturers to leave this interface in advance when making equipment.
2. Reading of data. Although there is communication, it does not mean that it will be all right with this communication. If the user needs to read the working content of the unpacking machine and other equipment with the host computer, then they need to make corresponding settings in the program. Communication to achieve.
3. Handling of special actions. Many line body motion requirements are specially customized according to the user's needs. If the motion is not complicated, it may also be directly implemented in the program of a certain device such as a box opener, but if there is too much motion flow, It is also possible to make a separate control cabinet to control the entire line body.
In summary, communication is not as simple as we think. Many logic programs need to be conceived by designers, and it is not simply a PLC.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2020-1-2

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