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Vacuum packaging machine requirements for vacuum packaging bags

Vacuum packaging bags are packaging consumables that work with vacuum packaging machines. Many customers do n’t know to buy vacuum packaging bags when buying vacuum packaging machines . Most people think that ordinary plastic bags are enough, or some customers who know a little It is said that PE bags are used, but these statements are actually wrong. Only the following bags can be used with vacuum packaging machines:
1. Vacuum packaging bag. The vacuum packaging bag is no different from ordinary plastic bags from the surface, but in fact it is a composite material, which is made of PE and nylon. It is not simply a PE bag. The advantage of this synthetic material is that there are no pores, and if it is pure PE, the bag will have pores even if it is thick, and it will leak out over time.
2. High temperature cooking bag. This is a better kind of bag than the vacuum packaging bag, of course, the cost price is also higher. This kind of bag can be vacuum-packed and can be used for high-temperature cooking. Its quality is reliable and it is mostly used in the food industry.
3. Aluminum foil bag. Aluminum foil bag is a kind of silver-white bag that is often seen on the market for packaging cooked food. This bag can be used instead of a vacuum packaging bag. Because its surface has been specially treated, it has no air holes.
At present, these three bags can be used with vacuum packaging machines in the market. Other bags cannot be used as consumables of the vacuum packaging machine. Even if the packaging is intact at the time, it will still leak after being left for a long time . Therefore, users must pay attention when purchasing vacuum packaging bags to avoid unnecessary waste caused by the wrong purchase.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2019-12-30

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