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How the wrapping and winding machine works

The packing and winding integrated machine is a combination of a fully automatic pallet packing machine and a winding machine. The two share a turntable to complete the packing and winding integration. It is mainly applicable to small sites but low production requirements. User use. This device is relatively small in size and very convenient to use. The following Ai Xun focuses on how the packing and winding machine works.
After the items are placed on the turntable by a forklift, the baler first packs them, and the turntable below is used to cooperate to achieve three parallel, cross, and tic-tac-toe packing modes. After the packing is completed, the winding machine will start and start the winding work. When the entire winding process is completed, the entire packaging work will be completed. Moving tools such as forklifts can then be used to remove items from the packing equipment.
The entire work of the equipment is controlled by PLC. For some special packaging requirements, customers can communicate with the supplier in advance. This can be achieved through the program. The supplier can write the program into the device in advance. If it is necessary to change the mechanical structure, the supplier It can also be made according to custom types.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2019-12-20

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