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Precautions for winding machine installation

Winding machine is an automatic packaging equipment with winding film as the main packaging consumable. From the appearance, the winding machine is really a big piece, but in fact the winding machine is a very simple device in automatic packaging equipment. Many users will worry about it before buying. It will not be installed, but it is unnecessary. In the following, Aixun will share with you the precautions for winding machine installation.
1. Don't lose parts. Many small parts of the winding machine are packaged by the manufacturer and placed in the winding machine cabinet. After receiving the goods, many users sometimes have multiple hands and throw away the wrapped accessories as garbage, which makes subsequent work impossible. Therefore, Aixun should remind you that the components of the winding machine should be kept well to avoid loss.
2. The uprights shall be fixed by anchor bolts. Before the column is fixed with anchor bolts, it must not leave the person. It must be held by hand and cannot be dumped. The column must be well fixed with 4 anchor bolts. It is not easy to fix only 2-3. This is not conducive to safety use.
3. Unrelated personnel should stay away from the equipment during the test. The standard winding machine is not equipped with a safety net. When using it, people will pay more attention because the pallets are placed on the device. However, when debugging the device, only some small items such as cardboard boxes may be placed on the device. Many people ignore the safety of using the device, especially when the turntable stays beside the turntable, which is dangerous.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2019-12-19

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