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Do you know how many motors the winding machine has

Winding machine is one of the main products of automatic packaging equipment. Its use and operation are very important to users, especially the quality of its main components, and motor is one of them. For larger equipment, there are more than one motor, and the winding machine is no exception. Today AiXun will share with you the main role of each motor of the winding machine.
1. Turntable motor. The turntable motor is the largest and the largest power among the motors of the winding machine. It is a motor used to control the rotation of the winding machine's turntable, so the power is sufficient. This motor is a motor for all pallet winding machines. For a fully automatic pallet winding machine, there is a motor on the turntable, which is used to control the rotation of the drum on the turntable of the winding machine, also known as a transmission motor.
2. Membrane frame motor. If this is actually the case, it is not completely accurate, because there are actually two film frame motors, one is to control the film frame to rise and fall, and the other is to control the film out. So in order to distinguish them, Aixun generally divides the two. Each motor is called a lifting motor and a film feeding motor, so that errors can be effectively avoided.
3. Jacking motor. This motor is not available in all winding machines, and only the winding machine equipped with a jacking function will have this motor, and it must be an electric jacking. The pneumatic jacking does not have this motor. This motor just controls the lifting of the jack and is not responsible for the other components.
The above is the function of the motors of the winding machine summarized by Aixun. In addition to the motor as the main component, the winding machine also has other main components such as inverters and PLCs. Aixun will introduce these one by one in a later article. The main role of components and precautions.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2019-12-18

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