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Classification of small automatic balers

Fully automatic balers are not unfamiliar to us. We commonly use such as MH-102A and MH-103A, etc. These belong to the automatic baler series, also known as unmanned baler, these devices are using Pp packing belt Equipment for bundling articles as packaging materials. But users familiar with these products know that these balers are mostly used in large factories, both in frame size and equipment size. Some companies that pack small items have no way to use them, so small automatic balers have come out.
If it ’s just from the name, it ’s difficult for users to locate the model of the device. It ’s true. After all, there are too many products involved in small automatic balers. It is divided into two categories: one is for pp tape, and the other is for paper tape and film tape. If it is further subdivided, the paper tape and the film tape can also be separated. Regardless of the classification, these devices have the following characteristics:
1. Small size. The reason why it is called a small fully automatic baler is that this model is small and easy to handle. Generally, the equipment frame is in the range of 300 * 280mm, and other sizes can be customized.
2. Can be used for wiring. In principle, this small automatic baler is no different from an ordinary full-automatic baler. It is small in size. Therefore, the full-automatic baler has all the functions, which can automatically detect, automatically pack Automatic delivery.
3. Suitable for narrow band. Generally small items are packed by small balers, so the straps used are relatively narrow. The narrowest can reach 5mm, which is not possible with large balers.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2019-12-17

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