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Reasons for the high price of electric balers

When it comes to portable electric balers , everyone first thinks of manual, and then think of cheap. Because manual things generally belong to low-automation products, the price is naturally not very expensive, but the portable electric baler is an exception. Every time when a customer consults this device, I am amazed when I hear a quotation of 10,000 yuan. , Which means it can't understand, why is this?
This starts with the manufacturer of the baler . This type of portable electric baler mainly imports from foreign countries. The cheapest is also imported from Taiwan. Through layers of transportation, tariffs, etc., plus imported products, the price is naturally more expensive. So many customers will ask, is there no domestic alternative? What Aixun wants to say is: It does, but the quality is much different. The imported portable electric baler has been tested by the market for many years, and the manufacturer has a very clear market commitment. The quality is very reliable and guaranteed, and the domestic equipment has problems in a few days, and the quality is very unguaranteed. Finally, imported equipment has a very comprehensive after-sales service center in China. Even if the equipment is discontinued, it will provide spare parts supply within 10 years, which is impossible for any domestic manufacturer. Therefore, what Aixun wants to say is that it makes sense to pay a penny.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2019-12-13

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