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How to calculate the film used in the shrink machine

The sealing, cutting and shrinking machine is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is a device for shrinking and shrinking the product, but the bilateral sealing and cutting and shrinking machine is a less common equipment. The user does not know how wide the film should be, how long the cutter should be used, etc. Today AiXun will share with you how to calculate the film width of the bilateral sealing and shrinking machine .
Before calculating the film width, we must first understand the structure of the bilateral seal. The bilateral seal cutting and shrinking machine is actually sealing three sides, a horizontal knife, two longitudinal knifes, using two rolls of single-piece film to wrap the article, Two longitudinal knives seal and cut the sides of the product, cut off the waste edges at the same time, and then cut and glue the end film of the product with a transverse knife. At this point, the sealing and cutting of the product has been completed.
It can be seen that the double-side sealing and cutting machine actually uses two single-piece films, so we only need to calculate the width of one film, and one film actually covers only the width and height of the product. Just add a little margin. The size of the cutter generally matches the width and height of the product. It does not need to be too long.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2019-12-12

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