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Precautions for winding machine installation

Winding machine, also known as winding packaging machine, is a device that uses winding film to pack products. This machine is a relatively simple but widely used product in packaging equipment. Generally, such equipment manufacturers do not provide on-site installation and debugging services, but For the first time users of this device, there are still a lot of things that are not clear. The following Ai Xun summarizes some points for you to install the winding machine :
1. The membrane frame is in front of the column. Normally at the time of delivery, the columns of the winding machine are lying on the turntable, and if the normal lying film frame will be pressed down, so to facilitate transportation, the columns will be turned in one direction to pack, and the user will receive After the cargo, the column should be erected first, then turned over, and then fixed with anchor bolts.
2. Corresponding to the wire number. Many users feel complicated when they see the wires come off, and do n’t know how to deal with them, but in fact, the wiring of this kind of wires is pluggable, it can also be said to be a fool, users only need to correspond to the wire number. Just insert the line into the corresponding line number, you don't need to look at the drawing, and you don't need any experience.
3. Pay attention to operation safety. The operation safety mentioned here mainly refers to the fact that the column is relatively heavy during the process of standing. During the process of standing, the user is assisted by multiple people, but once the person stands up, he walks away. At this time, it is very dangerous because it has not been fixed. Personnel should leave after the column is fixed with anchor bolts to avoid the risk of falling.
The above are the precautions for the winding machine installation summarized by Aixun according to the actual situation encountered in actual work. Regarding other issues of the winding machine, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to the information of Qingdao Aixun official website.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2019-12-9

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