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Features of pallet conveyor

Pallet conveyors are used to transport pallets, as they are called. They are also called pallet lines . Generally, there are chain lines and roller lines. But no matter what kind of line body, it has the common characteristics for the conveying tray products. As for the specific purchase, according to the actual situation of the user, the following Aixun will share with you the characteristics of the tray conveyor:
1. Bearing capacity. When it comes to pallet products, everyone can think of it as heavy, which is right. Pallet items are generally heavy, and the pallet conveyor line has also made the best design for this situation. Generally, thick rollers are used in roller lines. The chain line is generally a double-chain structure to ensure the stability of the equipment.
2. With guide device. Ordinary conveyors will only be installed with guidance unless they have special requirements. Normally, they are not installed with guidance. However, pallet conveyors are different. Even if the customer does not require it, they will be installed with guidance, mainly roller conveyors. Ensure the linearity of the tray travel and avoid deviation.
3. Thick body. This is unique to the tray conveyor. The ordinary wire body may choose the frame material and thickness according to the weight of the conveyed items. However, the tray conveyor series is undoubtedly choosing thick plates, and it is not allowed to cut corners.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2019-12-6

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