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3 knowledge points about belt machine

The strapping machine is also called a paper strapping machine. It is a type of strapping machine, but it uses paper tape and film tape as packaging materials. In fact, it is widely used in daily life, such as the binding of banknotes, the packing of pill boxes, Knitwear and card binding are used in belt machines. Although the strapping machine is a packer, it is slightly different from the packer in the process of use. The following Ai Xun will share with you 3 points of knowledge that are not usually noticed:
1. Adjustment of tightening force. As a type of strapping machine, the strapping machine can also adjust its tightening force, but the tightening force of the strapping machine is not the same as that of ordinary strapping machines. It is not controlled by a knob, but is mechanical. The hole position is adjusted. The higher the hole position is, the smaller the tightening force is, and vice versa.
2. The length of the belt is related to the tightening force. This problem may not be noticed by many people, mainly because most users do not adjust the tightening force to be very small, and only in special circumstances will adjust it to be very small. Once the tightening force is very small, the belt is also conveyed. Will be affected accordingly, the most direct response is that the delivery is not in place. Therefore, when the delivery is not in place, the user needs to first confirm that he has not set a small tightening force, and then exclude other items.
3. The coil is particularly loose. Because the strapping machine is a relatively small packaging device, many users will look down on it psychologically and find it very simple, so they will debug and use the device according to their own ideas. Many customers will encounter this problem when using the belt machine for the first time. The packing tape roll is particularly loose, especially when it is used for about one-third, the remaining tape rolls seem to be unable to use. This situation is usually caused by the user reversing the tape roll or not passing the tape through the brake. Under normal circumstances, how many packing belts the strapping machine sends are fixed. There are always only these packing belts in the packing machine, and these packing belts are sent out in a very regular arrangement, which is not messy. There is no resistance to the roll, and the delivery is messy, so you should find the reason against the instructions.
The above are the 3 easy-to-ignore knowledge points that Axun has summarized for you based on past experience. If you have any other questions about the belt machine, please call Qingdao Aixun After-sales Service Center. You provide a satisfactory solution.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2019-12-3

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