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What to pay attention to when buying a box unpacker

The suction cup of the unpacking machine is a fragile part on the unpacking machine . It needs to be replaced after a long time of use. If the original factory replacement can be found, this is the most convenient, but many equipment can not be found after many years of use. Many customers will buy accessories and install them by themselves. There is a lot of resources on the Internet for suction cups, but users also need to pay attention to the following issues when buying, so as to avoid trouble if they cannot be installed after purchase.
1. The diameter of the suction cup. If it is simply said that the diameter of the suction cup is understood by many users simply as the outer diameter of the suction cup, this is not wrong, but the diameter of the suction cup actually contains two parameters, one is the outer diameter of the suction cup, and the other is the diameter of the fixed shaft of the suction cup. If these two dimensions are not correct, they will not install well.
2. Whether to bring inner wire. Many users will be unfamiliar with mentioning the word “inner wire”, but if you know the screw thread, you know this thread better. This inner wire refers to this thread. Some of the suction cups have inner wires and some do not have inner wires. Customers should pay attention .
3. Inner wire size. According to the thickness of different screw inner wires, the specific calculation is in millimeters, so the size of the inner wire of the sucker must be determined when buying the suction cup of the box opener.
As for the suction cups of different colors that we usually see, it is just a requirement of the senses. The color does not affect the quality and use of the suction cups. You don't need to pay too much attention to this.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2019-11-29

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