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Parameters that are easily overlooked in vacuum packaging machines

No one is unfamiliar when it comes to vacuum packaging machines. It is a device for vacuuming products. Generally, when referring to this type of equipment, the user first thinks of work efficiency. This is the most concerned issue for every user who purchases equipment. In the case, the working process of the vacuum packaging machine will be described as the three steps of vacuuming, sealing and cooling. Therefore, most people will use this to calculate the efficiency of a vacuum machine. But what Aixun wants to share with you today is that in addition to these three steps, the vacuum machine also has some parameters that can be easily ignored, which will also affect the working efficiency of the vacuum machine.
For most vacuum machines, there will be a deflation time. This deflation process is to deflate the air bag of the vacuum packaging machine, so that the lid of the vacuum chamber can be better popped off. This time generally takes 1-2. Seconds, but many people ignore this time. There is another time for the continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine, which is the conveying time of the belt. From the start to the stop of the belt, this time also takes about 1-2 seconds, depending on the model will be slightly different, and this time It is often ignored, which affects the user's work efficiency. This is why the user buys the device and finds that the work efficiency does not seem as high as the salesperson said, because these small details are not noticed.
In summary, the working efficiency of a vacuum machine is mainly determined by the size of the item. The smaller the item, the more it is placed at one time, the higher the work efficiency, and the larger the bag and the less it is, the lower the efficiency.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2019-11-28

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