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Analysis of common problems in power roller line

The power roller line is a very common line equipment, which can be used alone or in conjunction with some automated packaging equipment, such as packers, winding machines, heat shrinkers, etc. Generally, when used with various packaging equipment, manufacturers will uniformly control it, so that the entire line will run more smoothly. But for those who purchase the drum line separately, they can't notice the common problems well. The following Aixun will share with you the common problems of the power drum line based on past experience.
1. Range of variable frequency speed regulation. Generally, the drum line customers will require variable frequency speed regulation. The so-called speed regulation is to adjust the speed. Many users will mistakenly think that how fast can be adjusted, but the fact is otherwise, there is a range of speed regulation. Depending on the maximum speed you choose, The speed adjustment range is also different. Generally, for a transmission line with a normal speed of 15 meters / minute, the speed adjustment range is generally 5-15 meters.
2. The denser the drum, the greater the load. Theoretically, the more dense the rollers of the same specification, the greater the load-bearing capacity. However, the general manufacturers will determine the optimal roller distance according to the size and weight of the user's product, so as to choose the roller diameter and shaft diameter that match it. This will achieve the highest cost performance. Not a simple encryption cylinder.
3. Stainless steel drum is not the best choice. Many users will prefer to use stainless steel rollers, and feel that stainless steel rollers will be stronger and have better load bearing effects. If only from the aspect of load bearing, in fact, their effect is similar, but the carbon steel drum surface has embossing treatment, the friction force will be better when conveying goods, but stainless steel drum does not have this function.
In summary, when purchasing the power roller line, do not make personal judgments based on your own subjectivity, or communicate with the manufacturer more to ensure that you can buy the most cost-effective products.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2019-7-2

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