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What to do if the belt conveyor cannot transport multiple products?

Recently, some users have reported to Aixun that the belt conveyor cannot transport multiple products, only one at a time. When conveying more than two products, the belt line cannot be rotated. After the field survey by Aixun technicians, the main performance is The following questions:
1. The belt is not tight enough. After the belt conveyor is finished, it needs to be tensioned. The main role of this work is to make the belt conveyor run better, but sometimes to prevent the deviation, the belt conveyor is not adjusted to the maximum when it leaves the factory The degree of tension, so the belt will be relatively loose, so it can not transport multiple products.
2. The belt transition wheel is too small. In addition to the belt drum, the drive roller and driven roller cooperate with the transmission, and there are many other accessories to assist its work. If the belt transition wheel is too small, it will not play the role of auxiliary tension. This will also cause the belt to loosen, so it cannot transport heavy goods.
3. The belt is too long. The surface of the belt conveyor is actually an endless belt. The length of this belt determines the degree of tension. If the belt is still loose after the conveyor has reached the maximum tension, then the belt is long. You can take the second method to assist the tensioning. If the auxiliary tensioning is still long, you can only replace a shorter belt.
The above is the processing method that Aixun concluded for you that the belt conveyor cannot transport multiple products. If you have other questions about the belt conveyor, please call Qingdao Aixun! http://eqhammer.com/html/contactus.html

Category: Industry knowledge Update date: 2018-11-26

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