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Several ways of pallet conveying line

There are many pallets in real life. Because pallets are relatively heavy and heavy, its transportation is still very different from that of cartons. Below, Ai Xun will share with you several methods of pallet transportation lines and their Pros and cons.
1. Chain conveyor line. This is the most commonly used line for conveying pallets. The advantage of this line is that the conveying is relatively stable, and it is suitable for a variety of pallet structures. If the length is more than 5 meters, the cost of the chain line will be very low.
2. Roller conveyor line. The roller conveyor line is mainly used for conveying trays in some special occasions. Its advantage is that the cost price of the roller will be lower when the length is short.
Regardless of whether it is a chain conveyor line or a roller conveyor line, users have their own characteristics when using it, and they cannot be blindly followed. If you are not clear about your use, you can consult a more professional manufacturer, they will provide you with very professional Comments and suggestions.

Category: Industry Knowledge Update: 2018-4-4

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