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Notes for assembly line installation

Various pipelines, conveyors, and conveyor lines must be installed and debugged before being put into use. For some simple equipment, this installation work is very simple, but for the similar to the chain plate line, plug-in line, etc. these are relatively more complicated In terms of the line body, the installation work must be carried out by more professional technicians, so what should be paid attention to when installing the assembly line ?
1. Confirm the venue. The confirmation site mentioned here is based on the original drawings. The installation site is actually measured to ensure that the assembly line can be placed in the designated site after the assembly is completed, otherwise the line assembly site cannot be placed.
2. Connect the power supply and air source. This step is the two most important contents in the entire installation process. The requirements for connecting these two contents are not only to be connected and usable, but also to ensure that there is no leakage of power and gas sources. It must not affect the future use of the device.
3. Check the operation of the equipment as a whole. The so-called installation and commissioning is not to turn on the power and run it, as long as it can be used. It is more important to find potential problems of the equipment through operation and eliminate them in a timely manner. This is the top priority of debugging. If you do this, then debugging will fail.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2018-3-7

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