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What is the noise of the drum assembly line?

Problems may occur in the operation of any equipment, and the drum assembly line is no exception. For the drum assembly line, the most common is that the equipment is noisy. Many users will feel that the equipment is broken if there is noise, but this is not the case. Let us share with you below what is the noise in the drum assembly line?
1. The power supply is reversed. In general, if there is noise in new machines, it is mostly because the wires are reversed, the motor will be reversed when the wires are reversed, and the reverse will be very noisy. Users only need to swap any two wires in the power supply.
2. Chain grinding chain cover. The roller line may deform the chain cover due to accidental collision of heavy objects during transportation or use. Once deformed, the chain will grind the chain cover, and a certain noise will also be generated at this time.
3. The motor is faulty. If the drum assembly line has been used for a long time and abnormal noises suddenly appear, then it may be that the motor is faulty and requires professional maintenance.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2018-1-24

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