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Application areas of non-powered rollers

An unpowered roller means that the driving of the roller does not require external power, and only requires manual assistance or a certain slope to achieve the free flow of items. Therefore, there are not many applicable fields of unpowered rollers. Ai Xun will share with you the applicable fields of unpowered rollers below.
1. Make an unpowered roller assembly line . The basis of the production of the unpowered drum line is naturally the unpowered drum. This is the occasion where the unpowered drum is used the most, and it is also a use method with the highest utilization rate.
2. Used on other packaging equipment. The most common are box sealers and packers. These devices have their own driving devices. The use of unpowered rollers is only an auxiliary load bearing device, so unpowered rollers can be used.
3. Use as a guide. This situation is rare, and it is mostly used for turning or connecting parts of the conveyor line for guiding use.
The above is the applicable area of the non-powered roller summarized by Aixun. If you have other questions about the conveyor line, please call Aixun Marketing Center for details. Please refer to the contact information.

Category: Industry knowledge Update date: 2018-1-23

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