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Notes on using the roller line

There are some things to pay attention to when using the roller line , but these issues are often ignored by users. The following Ai Xun will share with you the instructions for using the roller line:

1. The issue of electricity safety. Electricity is a very important issue when using equipment, but it is often ignored by users. Some relatively simple equipment users often do not need a special electrician to connect the electricity, but who is convenient for whom to connect the electricity. The impact will also be very serious, especially when matching with equipment such as balers, a piece of equipment failure, which will affect the safety of the entire production line.
2. Safety matters for operators. This problem occurs especially in summer. When the weather is hot, the operator will work barefoot or not wear the corresponding operating clothing according to the requirements of the operating specifications. At this time, a very serious safety hazard will be left, which will cause very serious personal danger to the operator. Should be affected.
3. Irregular operating procedures. Many operating procedures may be simple, but they are very tedious. Users will not follow the operating procedures in order to reduce trouble during use. If a problem occurs, this will also be very serious.

Category: Industry knowledge Update: 2017-9-11

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