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How to debug the power roller line?

The power roller line is a kind of assembly line. In the normal use process, debugging work is indispensable, but for the first-time enterprises to use the roller line, you may not know how to debug. How to debug the line?

(1) Adjust the adjustable feet to the design height of the conveyor, and ensure that the horizontality and verticality of the whole machine are within the design allowable range. The height tolerance of any three rollers does not exceed the design or standard requirements.
The chain must be properly tensioned. The chain can be tightened and loosened by adjusting the tension screw to ensure that the chain has proper tension.
(2) There will be abnormal noise in the chain during the initial operation of the double-chain drive roller conveyor, which is normal. Generally, the tension of the chain is uncomfortable or the distance between the nylon bracket and the transmission roller is improper, and appropriate fine adjustment should be made until the transmission is smooth and there is no block.
(3) After the test run is normal, the conveyor should be run for 10-20 hours with no-load running-in and found to solve the problem in time to ensure the reliability of formal operation.
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Category: Industry knowledge Update date: 2016-3-18

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